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Out of Character

General Rules

Before you begin role-playing on the site, please read the rules that you will find here.

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Feel free to tell us a little about yourself! We would love to get to know the person behind the character!

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Roleplay Help Pages

This board will have a selection of different help resources for beginner and advance role players.

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General Discussion/Gallery

Have something to say? Artwork/music you would like to share? Feel free to post here amongst other players!

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Have a question? Post your questions here and tag a member of staff and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also PM us on here or join our discord server!

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Sub-boards: First Link, Link Backs


Hey guys! Here you can find some advertisements from other RP sites! Check it out!

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Quests & Events

Here is where you will find all of the information about quests or events that are happening in Ebon! Participating in these activities often lands your character a great reward, IF they succeed!

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World of Ebon

Town Crier Announcements

Here is where you can find out about events that will be taking place in the world of Ebon. A guard from the castle will make his/her way to town center to let the citizens know of important things happening on Gniist Island that pertain to the Queen or her people.

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The Beginning of Ebon

Here you will find the story of how Ebon was created and how it got to where it is now...

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World Maps

Here is where you can find a map of Ebon, as well as maps of the individual islands! (Currently there is only a map of Gniist, please bare with us as we add more maps.)

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Race List

Here you can find a list of playable races or find the application to submit a new race for approval!

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Here is where you can find a break down of Ebon's currency!

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Character Development

Sub-board: NPC Profiles

Cannon List

Here you will find a list of important characters that are eligible to be RPed! If you find one that you wish to play, as long as they don't require special permission, just make a character sheet for them and submit them for approval!

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Character Submissions

Here you can submit your character to be approved by a member of staff. Once your character is approved, they will be moved to the "Approved Characters" board.

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Sub-board: Graveyard

Approved Characters

Once your character is under this list, you are free to start RPing in the world of Ebon! Have fun!

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Adoptable Characters

If you are already at your character limit and feel the need to make some more, you can put them up for adoption to be RPed by other players! You can also put your own characters here if you have lost muse for them and don't want to see them get forgotten!

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Character Trackers

Here you can keep track of your character's threads and dates.

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Character Journal

Here you can keep track of what your character has been up to in their own personal journal!

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Sub-boards: Sapphire City, White Water Beach, Twilight Hotsprings, Mount Kanor

Gniist Island

This is the first island that was created in the world of Ebon by the God Kilo. This is the main island, and where most interactions will happen.

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Kruix Island

Kruix is a simple island having never had exchange of ideas till recently. The island is underdeveloped compared to Gniist. The island is covered in mostly trees with three areas of the island that the two tribes live.

The main part of the island is the meadow that lays in the center of it. A wide open space with a lake at the center.

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Sub-board: Juist Grand Library

Juist Island (The Floating Island)

Gram was jealous of his siblings and decided to create a floating island for his own creations. The island has a mountain range with a small forest. At the center of the island is a village that was created by the harpies. The pride of the island lays at the center a simple stone building that houses the harpies pride and joy: a library.

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